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Managed Portfolio Service

All investments need regular reviews to ensure they are performing appropriately. Over time many factors can change including performance, volatility, investment markets, global markets and the investment's management.

A Managed Portfolio is a specifically selected group of collective investment funds. It aims to provide the best overall return whilst managing exposure to risk. The funds are chosen to provide a mix of assets appropriate to a specific attitude to investment risk (e.g. cautious). The portfolio is reviewed every six months and, if necessary, fund changes may be recommended.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to a professionally managed and regularly reviewed investment portfolio
  • Six monthly investor updates
  • Available for capital growth, regular income or ethical investment
  • Portfolios available for cautious, balanced, adventurous and aggressive investors
  • Diversified across the five main asset classes to manage risk
  • Uses eValue's industry leading asset allocation model
  • Advanced performance and risk screening of funds
  • Competitive annual management charges
  • Available for ISAs, general investment accounts, pensions and offshore bond
  • An advisory service, you have control of your investment

How does it work?

Hulbert West have eight Managed Portfolios addressing the need for capital growth, regular income or ethical investment, across the most common attitudes to investment risk:

Each portfolio is made up of around ten to twenty funds investing in five broad categories of asset: fixed interest, property, UK equities, developed markets and emerging markets. The percentage devoted to each asset class is based on Towers Watson's industry respected asset allocation model for each risk profile.

The investment funds are chosen based on how they rank amongst similar funds, the consistency of their performance and the rigour of their investment process.

We use a mixture of passive and actively managed funds:

Passive funds simply track an index, such as the FTSE 100 index of leading shares. They are low cost but will never perform better than the index.

Managed funds seek to out-perform their respective market. Although they have higher charges they can generate greater returns than the market.

We undertake detailed analysis of potential investments using industry leading analytics technology and screening techniques.  Taking into consideration detailed reports on fund management techniques and practices provided by external analyists. Morningstar is a highly respected ratings agency which not only rates funds on performance but interviews fund managers to ensure their success is sustainable.

This is an advisory service. The portfolio is formally reviewed every six months using our investment process. We will then recommend any fund switches required. On your acceptance, we will make the change on your behalf.

For more information, or to discuss your investment needs, simply contact us.

Alternatively, our Monitored Investment Service may be more suitable for your investment needs.