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Monitored Investment Service

Under our Monitored Investment Service we recommend the most appropriate complete investment solution for your needs and review its performance annually.

We construct a blend of multi-asset funds to provide full exposure to the market managed by a range of professional fund managers..

Features & Benefits

  • A complete solution where the investment manager has responsibility for investment selection and asset allocation
  • Annual performance review by Hulbert West
  • Available for capital growth or regular income
  • Available for defensive, cautious, balance, adventurous and aggressive investors
  • Available for ISAs, general investment accounts, pensions and offshore bonds

What is a Multi-AssetFund?

A multi-asset fund is collective investment fund that offers a broadly diversified portfolio of different asset types (fixed interests, property, shares etc).

Managed by a highly skilled investment professional, performance and exposure to risk are constantly monitored and changes made as required.

Annual Reviews

However actively managed - and however good its recent performance - every investment still requires regular reviews to ensure it is performing appropriately.

On recommending an investment solution, we will provide a structured annual review of the fund. Using our investment process, we will review its performance against similar investments, the consistency of its performance and the rigour of its investment process.

This is an advisory service. On review, we may recommend a fund switch if we feel it is required. Subject to your acceptance we will then administer the switch on your behalf. We will not act without your permission.

For more information, or to discuss your investment needs, simply contact us.

Alternatively, our Managed Portfolio Service may be more suitable for your investment needs.